Tom Kincaid on the issues:

Q: Where do you stand on the issue of annexation?
A: "Unlike some other politicians, I'm opposed to any annexation that would clearly be a detriment to property owners and the quality of life in Kannapolis. This is why I've recently voted against annexation proposals that I knew would put an unreasonable burden on our schools, roads, and utilities, and that could damage the character of rural lands on the outskirts of Kannapolis."

"While I support the right of property owners to ask for voluntary inclusion into our city limits, I'm opposed to any annexations that would hurt the character of Kannapolis or put an unfair burden on taxpayers."

Q: What will you do to bring jobs to Kannapolis?
A: "No one politician can magically 'bring jobs' to a city, and anyone who tries to tell you he can isn't being honest. Any businessman knows that you create jobs by creating an environment where companies want to do business. This means keeping taxes low and regulations reasonable. This also means supporting the businesses we already have, making sure that they're able to succeed. We also have to create job opportunities, as well as educational opportunities, for our young people. We need to give our talented young people the chance to learn about careers, and to find a career, here in their hometown. Again, simply saying one is going to bring jobs won't make it happen. It takes leadership and cooperation, and it takes not only a dedicated mayor, but a competent city leadership and staff to make that happen. I intend to make sure we have the right team for the task."


Q: What about taxes?
A: "Taxes are a big issue right now, especially for folks who've been out of work, who are trying to keep their homes, and for seniors and people on fixed incomes. As Mayor, I promise to keep tax rates as low as possible. We must also provide the resources our police & firefighters need to keep us safe, and that our schools need to educate students. We must plan for our future so that we have as little debt and the lowest taxes possible. This means we cannot increase the tax burden on our residents and businesses to fund frivolous spending."


Q: Downtown Kannapolis is almost empty! There are all these empty stores, and it looks terrible. What are you going to do about it, if you're elected Mayor?

A: "The city has got to build partnerships and make it so that companies want to do business downtown. This means we've got to talk to David Murdock, whose companies own the N.C. Research Campus and much of downtown, and get him to the table. The city cannot dictate to a private property owner how and when he or she rents that space out, but if I'm elected Mayor of Kannapolis, I intend to start an aggressive push for downtown development. We can't focus only on downtown -- we've got to bring jobs and improvements to all parts of the city -- but our downtown is a big part of how people outside of Kannapolis see us, and a strong push for jobs and investment there will benefit the entire city by making us more attractive to other investors and employers."

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